JUNIATA — A man, trapped in a grain bin Tuesday on a farm near Juniata was rescued by firefighters and farmers.

According to the Juniata Fire Department, a call was received shortly after 5 p.m. about a grain bin that had collapsed with a man inside. When firefighters arrived at the scene, the grain bin was still standing, but the man had fallen into the bin, which was partially filled with grain.

Officials identified the man as Gaylon Hermann. He was taken to Mary Lanning Hospital in Hastings, where he was reported to be in stable condition on Wednesday morning.

The rescue attempt took about one hour. Temporary walls were put in to stop the grain from pulling Hermann down. Firefighters were able to supply him with oxygen, though he was submerged in the grain several times during the rescue attempt.

The firefighters were assisted by farmers in the area, who helped move the corn as they cut out portions of the bin.

Hastings Fire and Rescue and the Kenesaw Fire Department also helped with the rescue.

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