A Grand Island City Councilwoman who was just re-elected in November is resigning.

According to a resignation letter listed in the city council’s Aug. 13 meeting agenda, Ward 5 Councilwoman Michelle Fitzke intends to resign effective Aug. 27. In her letter, Fitzke says the reason for her resignation is that she and her husband have purchased a home outside of Ward 5.

“I have greatly enjoyed being on the city council and working with the city staff and all of the city council members,” Fitzke said in her letter to Mayor Roger Steele. “I have learned a lot about what it takes to run a city and keep a balanced budget. Over the years on the city council, we have had to make some hard decisions in order to balance the budget and I look forward to watching it stay that way.”

Fitzke also told Steele that she intends to stay active to “help the city move forward in the coming years,” and urged him to seize the opportunity to appoint her to various committees where she can accomplish this goal.

In a memo to the city council, City Administrator Jerry Janulewicz said Fitzke’s vacancy would be filled by Steele, with the approval of the city council. The appointee would fulfill the remainder of Fitzke’s term which expires at the end of 2022.

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