Visiting Italy can become a reality with the premiere of Cirque Italia’s “Aquatic Spectacular” at Conestoga Mall’s parking lot starting on Thursday.

Cirque Italia is a traveling water circus that sails audience members through various towns in Italy, where they may experience Italy’s culture. With a 35,000-gallon water stage, performers from all around the world will perform a variety of acts, from contortion, magic, archery and aerialists to the “ultimate wheel of death.” Each act will encompass the culture within the towns visited.

The show will also have forms of digital water curtains with lights and imagery to add more arts to the performances. Concessions will also be available during the show.

Cirque Italia was established in 2012 by Manuel Rebecchi, who was born and raised in Italy.

Through the influence of his late Aunt Moira Orfei’s famous circus in Europe, “Circo Moira Orfei,” Rebecchi brought his passion and interest in performing arts to the United States.

He changed the tradition of performing animals in circuses and established his water circus only using human acts.

Cirque Italia offers three diverse shows: the silver unit, the gold unit and the paranormal unit. The silver unit was the first show established and it is the one coming to Grand Island with its new theme, “Aquatic Spectacular.”

This show will include performers from Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Bulgaria and many more places. This show will have three levels of seating, but even the farthest seat is only 40 feet from the stage.

The gold unit was established in 2017 and is showcasing in Indiana right now. The paranormal unit, which follows a darker based theme, was established in June 2018.

As this is a show with many families performing together, the community is encouraged to bring their children, parents, grandparents and friends. Cirque Italia is having a promotion where with any regularly priced adult ticket purchased for levels two and three, a free child’s ticket is offered.

Tickets can be purchased at or by phone: (941) 704-8572. Calls and text messages are accepted.

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