Since last fall, Grand Island residents have had to pay for curbside recycling.

In October, Mid-Nebraska Disposal began charging a set fee for once-a-week recycling pickup. Before that, the service was free.

Scott Woodward of Mid-Nebraska Disposal said the company had to start charging for recycling because “the markets are bad and all the sorting facilities are charging outrageous fees” to accept and sort the material.

Mid-Nebraska lost some customers when the fee was implemented. But “we still have quite a few,” Woodward said. “Participation is still good.”

The sorting of the material is not done at Mid-Nebraska Disposal. The company bales the recyclables into thousand-pound cubes, which are sent off to a sorting facility.

Woodward asked that the recycling fee not be listed in the paper. But people can easily see the amount by going to

Heartland Disposal also charges for recycling pick-up. Management for the company could not be reached. But an employee said Heartland Disposal’s fee is similar to that charged by Mid-Nebraska Disposal.

Mid-Nebraska asks that customers not put a recycling bin out for pickup until it is completely full.

According to Mid-Nebraska’s website, no preparation work is required for cereal and pancake boxes or tin and aluminum cans.

For newspapers, customers are asked to consider placing them in paper grocery bags.

For No. 1 to 7 plastic bottles, people should remove liquids and caps.

The covers should be removed from phone books.

No steps are required for the recycling of magazines, junk mail and cardboard.

Items not accepted by Mid-Nebraska for recycling are Styrofoam, glass bottles, plastic bags, paper towels, toilet paper and hazardous waste, including needles and blades.

The Grand Island Area Clean Community System accepts household hazardous waste, including aerosol cans; automotive fluids and cleaners; fluorescent, CFL and U-Tube bulbs; household cleaners; lawn and garden products; mercury; paints and stains and thermostats.

For a complete list, call (308) 385-5095 or visit

The Grand Island Area Clean Community System, which is at 3661 Sky Park Road, produces a Community Recycling Guide each year.

That guide lists three area recycling drop-off centers. They are in Doniphan, at the city maintenance shop at First and Cedar; in St. Paul, at Fourth and J streets, and in Hastings, at Woodward’s at 1400 S. Baltimore.

According to the Community Recycling Guide, aluminum cans may be taken to Alter Metal Recycling, 1119 E. Fourth St., and Kramer’s Auto Parts and Iron, 3405 N. Hwy 281.

You may also call Habitat for Humanity at (308) 385-5510 for locations.

Cardboard may be taken to Kramer’s Auto Parts and Iron, and to Heartland Disposal, 1839 E. Fourth St.

Plastic bags may be taken to Best Buy, Hy-Vee and Kohl’s.

Grand Island Clean Community System has a Swap Shop, which offers products brought in for disposal that are still in usable condition. They include cleaning products, lawn and garden products, automotive fluids and cleaners, as well as paints and stains.

The Swap Shop is currently closed because of the coronavirus.

The Clean Community System is also home to Teacher ReStore, which gives teachers access to supplies to use in their classrooms free of charge. Teacher ReStore also accepts teacher supplies that are no longer being used.

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