As people are being asked to stay inside and out of large groups due to COVID-19, the car sales industry is also making adjustments to how they do business.

Mark Carlson of Stewart Auto in Central City said they brought in a professional cleaning company to sanitize all pre-owned vehicles.

Carlson said before they brought in the company, people weren’t coming to Stewart Auto when people began taking COVID-19 more seriously, but the extra measures have brought people back.

Another service that will be offered at Stewart Auto is car sanitation by appointment.

“We’re doing this to help take care of the elderly, handicapped, those with pre-existing medical conditions, first responders as well as others,” said Carlson.

Carlson said if people would rather not bring their cars in, they can make a pick up and delivery arrangement.

Bob Bledsoe, general manager of sales at Anderson Auto Group in Grand Island, said the business also offers pick up and delivery.

Bledsoe said if someone wants to test drive a car, an Anderson employee will bring it to the person’s house and pick it up once the drive has finished.

After a test drive is done, the car will be sanitized.

Bledsoe said now is a great time to have a vehicle serviced or a recall repair completed.

“We will pick it up, repair or complete the recall, and bring the vehicle back,” Bledsoe said.

The sales team has adapted to national coronavirus guidelines to limit groups.

“We have Team A and they work Monday, Wednesday and Friday,” Bledsoe said. “Team B will work Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.”

Business has been good, Bledsoe said.

“Customers in the market for a car are very appreciative of our extra measures to sanitize the vehicle and that we will bring them to the home,” Bledsoe said.

Mike Jakubowski said business is still strong at Dinsdale Automotive.

“We are taking extra precautions and limiting the number of people in one area,” he said.

One practice Jakubowski said employees are spraying down handles, shifter knobs and putting covers on steering wheels.

“It’s nice having our new building because we are pretty spaced out here,” he said.

Jakubowski said the auto mechanics have their own stalls to work on cars and everybody has their own offices so it helps keep people spaced apart.

“We are open for business,” Jakubowski said. “Anything we can do, we are here to help.”

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