Dieting can be hard, and in a lot of cases the weight comes back after the completion of a diet.

Jan Amundson of Amundson Medical Hypnotherapy will be a coach for a new diet that not only teaches a person how to get nutritionally healthy, but it starts with getting a person on board psychologically.

“WildFit really is a very different program because it addresses a lot of things that need to be addressed when we lose weight,” said Amundson. “I think the most important one is our psychological attachments that we have to food. We all have emotional attachments to certain favorite foods and they can really play a huge role in your cravings and how well you can stay to the goals that you choose.”

Amundson said the course is online through an app called Zoom where all of the participants will meet and learn the program.

Participants will meet three times a week for the first two weeks, and after that they will meet just one time a week.

Amundson said a cool feature of the program is that it focuses on nutritional health.

“It cycles you in and out of seasons,” said Amundson. “You have spring, you have summer, you have fall and you have winter and all of those have different needs and you will learn the program well enough where you can cycles yourself in and out of whatever season you need to be in at that time.”

Amundson said in teaching how to be nutritionally healthy, the program resets the tastebuds.

“Almonds are sweet to me now, onions are sweet to me now,” said Amundson.

Amundson said the program stresses learning about food and learning what actually goes into the body when eating different foods.

The program offers tools to not only eat better, but stay on track and continue even after the program is finished.

“Even if you just did two weeks of it, you would never go back to eating the same,” said Amundson.

While other diets focus on calorie and food restriction, WildFit allows participants to eat because when the body is under stress, the person does not lose weight,” said Amundson.

Another thing unique to WildFit is that a person doesn’t have to be wanting to lose weight to learn it, said Amundson.

People can sign up just to learn the nutritional aspect of it.

Amundson is excited to be a coach because she is ready to help people reach their goals as her coaches helped her.

Amundson is also hoping that someone in the group will want to start coaching as well.

The program starts Aug. 19, and anyone who wants to try it can call Amundson at the number of her hypnotherapy clinic, (308) 318-0481.

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