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With people being confined to their homes, pet adoptions have increased in local Grand Island shelters.

Ashley Meister, the director of finance at the Central Nebraska Humane Society, said the first couple of weeks that people were starting to stay home they saw more people in the shelter looking to adopt a new family member.

“With our new by-appointment policy for the safety of the public and our staff, numbers have decreased, but we were definitely above average for the first couple weeks of people staying at home,” Meister said.

Robyn Mays, president of Voices for Companion Animals, said last week they adopted out four cats, where normally they would adopt one or two pets out a month.

“Now is the perfect time to adopt because it give the animal time to get acclimated to their new home,” said Mays. “When it comes time for people to go back to work, the animal will already be acclimated.”

Meister said they have also seen people more willing to foster animals since people have more time.

During the spring, the staff at CNHS looks for more volunteers to foster baby kittens and their moms, which take a lot of time and attention.

“We had someone come in saying they were bored at home and would like to foster kittens,” Meister said. “It turned out to be a perfect match.”

If someone would like to adopt an animal from CNHS, they can call (308) 385-5305 and arrange and appointment to potentially adopt their new family member.

“People can see our available pets on our website, so they have an idea of who they would like to meet ahead of time,” Meister said.

If someone would like to foster, Meister said to call the shelter and they will send the paperwork to get a little more information about the person, first.

“We are still taking donations at this time as well,” Meister said. “If people would like to donate, we will meet them at the curb so they don’t have to leave their cars.”

Mays said they are having more volunteers reach out to them as people have more time on their hands.

“If people would like to adopt, give us a call and we will arrange a time and let them in the building to meet everyone,” Mays said.

The number to call Voices for Companion Animals is (402) 527-8228.

Mays said they are still running their pet food pantry, especially for veterans and elderly who need pet food.

“If veterans and elderly people need the food but can’t leave their homes, they just need to call and we will have a volunteer deliver the food to their doorstep, or we will leave outside our door for someone to pick up,” Mays said.

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