A 32-year-old Uber driver was arrested Thursday after he allegedly made sexual comments and attempted to sexually assault a 34-year-old female passenger.

Mugahid Belil

Mugahid Belil was arrested after he gave the woman a ride to Pumpers, 1904 N. Diers Ave., and back to her apartment at about 10:30 a.m.

On the ride to Pumpers, Belil “made some comments and tried grabbing her hand and holding her hand and stuff like that,” said Capt. Dean Elliott.

When the woman went into Pumpers, he followed her in. He then returned to the car before she did.

On the ride back, he grabbed her hand again and “started making some inappropriate sexual comments to her,” Elliott said.

Arriving back at her apartment, as the woman started to leave, “he grabbed her hand and pulled her hand and brought her back into the vehicle,” Elliott said. He put his hand around her waist “and made other inappropriate comments” that were sexual in nature.

The woman was able to get away and run inside her apartment building.

Belil was arrested for first-degree false imprisonment and attempted first-degree sexual assault.

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