Working together, two men and a woman stole necklaces worth more than $21,000 from Riddle’s Jewelry while the store was open Saturday.

“It does look like it was a well-orchestrated event,” said Capt. Jim Duering of the Grand Island Police Department.

The female distracted store employees. One of the males stood between the employees and the other male, blocking their view. The third male used something to open a locked case and remove a display board covered with 15 necklaces, valued at $21,856.

The crime inside the Conestoga Mall store happened shortly after noon.

“We do have suspicions that this is a traveling criminal enterprise,” Duering said.

Police assembled the information from talking to store employees and looking at video.

Police are contacting other agencies, such as the Nebraska Information Analysis Center, that share information about crimes around the state.

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