It took two traffic stop attempts, but on Tuesday Grand Island Police arrested a man on weapon and drug charges as well as for flight to avoid arrest.

An officer had attempted to stop a speeding vehicle, but when it continued to drive at a high rate of speed, the traffic stop was terminated for safety reasons. The officer soon learned that the driver had complied with a traffic stop by another officer at South Pine and East Court streets.

In speaking with the driver, Jamie Kirk, police report that he denied he saw the first officer or knew that an officer was attempting to stop him. Due to the amount of tools in the vehicle and their accessibility, police asked Kirk to get out of his vehicle. At this time, police removed a knife with a 4-inch blade from the coveralls Kirk was wearing.

Police also found a glass container of marijuana concentrate on Kirk.

He was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a deadly weapon by a prohibited person, speeding, possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce and felony fight to avoid arrest.