ST. PAUL — Jessie Scarlett waived his right to a preliminary hearing in Howard County Court Wednesday and was bound over to district court.

Scarlett, 35, is charged with four felonies in a July 10 car accident that killed three people and an unborn baby.

Scarlett, appearing with attorney Gary Peterson, made his first court appearance in Howard County in front of Judge Tami Schendt.

Schendt read the charges against him — three counts of manslaughter and one count of the unlawful death of an unborn child.

The first three charges are Class 2A felonies that carry a maximum prison sentence of 20 years with no minimum and the fourth charge is a Class 3A felony that carries a maximum prison sentence of three years and no minimum.

The charges stem from a July 10 car accident where Scarlett reportedly failed to stop at a stop sign, killing Tara Roy, 41, Eric John, 48, and the couple’s unborn child. Scarlett’s passenger, Briana Loveland, 19, was also killed in the accident.

Scarlett was the driver of one of the two pickups involved in the accident, which occurred at about 3:30 p.m. He was heading east on Highway 58. Roy and John were in the other truck, which was heading north on Highway 281. The couple lived northeast of Dannebrog.

The Howard County Sheriff’s Department says Scarlett ran the stop sign at the intersection.

Scarlett was brought into court in a wheelchair with a cast on his left leg and white medical bands on his upper left arm and wrist. He appeared emotional while in the courtroom.

Family members of those killed in the accident were in the courtroom during Scarlett’s arraignment.

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