Grand Island police found a man unconscious in the driver’s seat of a vehicle Saturday night with numerous open alcohol containers near him.

Luis Ceja Jr. was arrested for DUI, open container and drunk or disorderly conduct at 11:08 p.m. at 2419 Kruse Ave.

Police said Ceja told them that he was drunk and he showed gross impairment through standardized field sobriety tests and failed portable breath test.

Police reported that when they first approached Ceja, a second man, Justin Lindberg, approached the officers and the vehicle in an attempt to get Ceja away from police contact. They told Lindberg to leave the scene a number of times, but he stayed in the area.

When police attempted to arrest Lindberg, he resisted by trying to back away and not allowing his arms to be placed on his lower back to be handcuffed. They said that Lindberg told them that if they contacted him again, he would shoot them.

Lindberg was arrested for obstruction and terroristic threats.

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