What began with a probation officer visiting the home of a probationer Friday ended with the arrest of two people and the seizure of two weapons, more than 600 grams of methamphetamine and lots of cash.

The probation officer visited the home of Jose Aguilera-Negrete at 518 E. Capital Ave., on Friday morning. During the visit, a handgun was observed laying on a couch. Aguilera-Negrete, 27, admitted to possessing the firearm, police say, and subsequently relinquished a set of brass knuckles.

Aguilera-Negrete was arrested for possessing the firearm. During a Miranda interview prior to a search warrant being served, Aguilera-Negrete admitted to having possessed a large amount of methamphetamine at the residence, police say.

When the search warrant was exercised, the methamphetamine, more than $20,000 in cash and an additional firearm, a shotgun, were discovered.

Another person in the residence, Andrea Gall, claimed ownership of the methamphetamine and money that was seized. The meth adds up to slightly more than one and a third pounds.

In Hall County Court, both Aguilera-Negrete and Gall were charged with possession of more than 140 grams of meth and possession of money while in violation of a drug statute.

Aguilera-Negrete was also charged with two counts of possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, first offense, and one count of possession of a deadly weapon by a prohibited person.

Preliminary hearings will be held for both Gall, 20, and Aguilera-Negrete on Nov. 22. Aguilera-Negrete’s hearing begins at 2:30 p.m., Gall’s at 3 p.m.

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