A Grand Island man told police he lost $5,000 by falling victim to a mail scam.

He sent a series of payments totaling $1,000 each.

The man had been informed that he’d been awarded a grant, said Grand Island Police Capt. Jim Duering. The scammer initially asked for money to get the recipient approved.

“And then after he was approved he had to send more money to get the grant,” Duering said.

“If you haven’t applied for a grant, you’re not going to get one, first of all. That’s not the way they work,” Duering said.

Secondly, organizations award grants “because they have money to give to a cause. That doesn’t take processing money. They can just take that out of what they have to give,” Duering said.

If the public remembers those key facts, “hopefully we’ll prevent some of these in the future,” Duering said.

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