A 24-year-old Grand Island woman was assaulted, terrorized and held against her will Thursday night in a robbery that police believe was planned in advance.

Erica Blankenbaker was the victim in the crime, which took place at 2204 N. Custer about 9:20 p.m.

“Through the course of the investigation, it was determined several parties arranged and coordinated to take property from the victim,” according to the Grand Island Police Department media report.

Capt. Jim Duering said it was a drug-related incident.

Parts of the crime are still actively being investigated, Duering said.

As of Friday, Grand Island police had four people in custody related to the investigation.

“But only one of them has actually been charged with anything relating to the robbery itself at this point,” he said.

In Hall County Court Friday, Kiesha Lemburg, 27, was charged with first-degree false imprisonment, robbery and kidnapping.

According to the complaint, Lemburg is charged with the false imprisonment and kidnapping of Blankenbaker and taking cash from Jose Guerro Lopez under threat of force.

The police media report says the parties involved “terrorized the victim and took measures to not allow them to leave a residence.”

Also arrested were Rigo Torres, Christian Estrada-Comacho and June Mason.

Torres, 19, was charged with possession of a controlled substance. He was also charged with two counts of failure to appear when on bail for a felony.

Estrada-Comacho was charged Friday with resisting arrest, second or subsequent offense. Estrada-Comacho also had one Hall County warrant and five Dawson County warrants.

Mason, 26, was arrested on a misdemeanor Hall County warrant.

Police recovered a handgun at the scene. They also found blood evidence that has not been attributed to a specific person, Duering said.

“We do think there’s the possibility of another victim out there, although we don’t know to what extent the injuries are or to who it is.”

Judge Al Corey set Lemburg’s bond at $150,000 and scheduled a preliminary hearing for 10 a.m. Jan. 28.

Torres’ bond was set at $7,500. His preliminary hearing will be at 2:30 p.m. Jan. 28.

Estrada-Comacho will have a preliminary hearing at 9:30 a.m. Jan. 28.