Mike Wolf

Nicole Wolf of Alda put pictures on Facebook of her father after he was cited by Hall County deputies early Sunday morning. Mike Wolf, 53, required about seven stitches on his forehead above his left eye. (Courtesy photo)

A Hall County woman says her 53-year-old father was beaten up by Hall County deputies early Sunday morning, but Hall County Sheriff Rick Conrad says the deputy involved acted appropriately.

Nicole Wolf put pictures of her father, Mike Wolf, on Facebook showing the bruises. He was handcuffed and put into the back of a patrol unit at 1 or 2 a.m. Sunday at 4954 W. Highway 30, which is near Alda.

Wolf was cited for third-degree assault.

On Facebook, Nicole wrote that law enforcement officers “jumped him” as she watched. Officers “beat him up to the point they had to do CPR to revive him as he went unconscious,” she wrote.

“Things that are posted on the internet are often not true, not accurate, as in this case,” Conrad said. “No complaint has been filed against any of our deputies.”

Wolf, who lives with Nicole and her husband, was the one who called 911. Nicole and her husband had a fight a few nights earlier, and Wolf wanted to have officers “come out and just talk” about the couple’s situation, she said. But officers started focusing on her father, Nicole said.

The trouble occurred after deputies placed Wolf in the back of a patrol unit.

“And I don’t know if something happened, if he said something or did something. I know they pulled him out and they started beating him up,” Nicole said.

Nicole and Conrad disagree about how many deputies were present.

“There was one deputy with him when the incident took place,” the sheriff said.

The deputy “has every right to defend himself,” Conrad said.

He said he believes that “the deputy who was involved was appropriate in his actions.”

During the event that took place, “Mr. Wolf did get injured when he was being detained, let’s put it that way. He was taken down to the ground and that’s when he got hurt.”

Conrad believes there were three deputies on the scene.

One was with Wolf’s daughter inside her house and one of the three deputies arrived after the incident, he said. An additional deputy “stood by at the hospital when they got there.”

“That’s way off,” Nicole said. She said two deputies arrived at first, and were eventually joined by four more. She also says a deputy never joined her inside her house.

The deputies called the ambulance.

Wolf, who is on probation, was never taken to jail that night.

Wolf is “miserable,” his daughter said. “His whole face is infected.” Initially, he had infections in both eyes, and the infection has spread, she said.

Wolf required about seven stitches on his forehead and above his left eye. His jaw is swollen and his gums hurt on one side of his face. His shoulder was scraped, she said.

He had to return to the hospital Monday, Nicole said.

Conrad said Wolf was not cooperative at the scene, in the ambulance or at the hospital.

“No, he was great at the hospital,” Nicole said. “He was like pretty much out of it.”

She said her father doesn’t remember anything from that night, after he was hit by at least four officers.

After they were called early Sunday, deputies wanted Wolf to spend the night with his dad, Nicole said.

His father drove over from Kearney, where he lives.

But deputies didn’t allow Wolf’s father to get out of his car, she said.

Nicole said deputies prevented her from going outside and wouldn’t let her grandfather come into her house.

“They kept us all apart,” she said.

Conrad says that in this case, the deputy reacted to the situation properly. Officers not only have the right to protect themselves, but also the right to protect others, he noted.

“To be honest with you, I want to commend the job our guys did,” he said.

“As verbally abusive as this subject was with my people,” the deputies maintained themselves professionally and attempted to help Wolf, Conrad said.

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