Burglars stole a large amount of fireworks and damaged a fireworks stand last night in the parking lot of the Super Bowl.

Jason Lawhorne, co-owner of Super Thunder Fireworks, estimated the loss at $6,000, including damages.

The criminals broke into Super Thunder’s two fireworks stands, which are adjacent to each other, as well as into a nearby trailer. The fireworks stands face Bismark Road.

The thieves took all of the stand’s firecrackers, as well as smoke balls. Taken were 10 brand-new cases, as well as 15 to 18 partial cases.

Those fireworks have a wholesale value of $2,500 to $3,000. Lawhorne and his daughter, Jessica, would have sold them for about $7,500.

In addition to fireworks, the thieves took three new credit card machines worth about $2,000.

Lawhorne left the business at 10:15 p.m. Monday. The owner of the Super Bowl called him at 7:20 a.m. to tell him about the crime.

The burglars damaged a video camera on the corner of the Super Bowl, so there is no video of the accident.

The criminals moved the boxes to the back of the parking lot before opening them. One of the thieves left excrement on a T-shirt at the stand.

The Lawhornes have had the stand in the Super Bowl lot for 10 years. This is the second break-in they’ve suffered. The first one was about three years ago.

Jason Lawhorne is planning to buy firecrackers from another local dealer. “If I can break even, I’ll be happy this year,” he said.

Over the winter, he plans to build a new “super-sturdy” fireworks stand.

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