Amber Arrellano

A woman who tried to shoplift at Walmart South Friday night wound up being fleeced herself, according to Grand Island police.

Police say Amber Arrellano selected a pair of jeans and a belt from a display at Walmart. She then allegedly took the merchandise to the customer service desk, claiming she was returning them. A records check was conducted, which showed multiple theft convictions. Walmart’s loss prevention people reported that Arrellano, 37, had previously been ordered to stay away from the store.

Police, searching her as part of her arrest, discovered a crystalline substance, smoking pipes, a digital scale and multiple plastic baggies, which are commonly used to package and deliver controlled substances.

In Hall County Court Monday, Arrellano was charged with possession of a exceptionally hazardous drug with intent to distribute, theft by deception totaling $0 to $500, second-degree trespassing/defying an order to leave and possession or use of drug paraphernalia.

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