Shane Harrington of Omaha is no longer the owner of Midwest Girls Club, the Grand Island strip club he opened in July 2016.

Harrington said he posted news of the sale on his Facebook page two or three weeks ago.

He would not name the new owner, who lives in Grand Island.

“I do not believe that they’re going to have any nude dancers,” Harrington said.

He’s not positive what the new owner plans to do with the club, 370 N. Walnut St.

From what Harrington understands, “it’ll be like an after-hours party kind of place, but more so where people go to the bar, buy their alcohol, come there, drink, dance — that type of thing.”

One of the stipulations of the sale is that the new owner not be named. The new owner is “a fairly prominent Grand Island person,” who has a corporation set up so “that it doesn’t track back to them,” Harrington said.

The Midwest Girls Club does not have a liquor license. It is a bottle club where patrons observe nude dancing.

At one time, the business was open seven nights a week. Hours were later reduced to four nights a week. Recently, the club has been open three nights a week — Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Harrington continues to own Club Omaha and the Midwest Girls Club in Hastings.

He said he sold the Grand Island business because he’s “making so much money out in Omaha and expanding there quickly.”

In addition, “it’s too hard to try to micromanage clubs that are” two or three hours away,” Harrington said.

“It’s not worth the stress and strain, I guess, so I had to get rid of at least one club, and I chose Grand Island because it was the newest one, I guess.”

There wasn’t a lot of rhyme or reason to his decision, he said.

Harrington is also selling another of his clubs — Paradise City in Elm Creek. The manager of that business is buying the club from him. He expects that deal to be completed Thursday.

He originally hoped to sell the Grand Island, Elm Creek and Hastings clubs, “but nobody was wanting that big of a role,” he said.

In finding a buyer, “I was really picky because I didn’t want just some idiot going in there that wants to have sex with the girls and party,” Harrington said.

He had offers from “guys that offered a decent amount of money, but they had no plan. They had no idea what the hell they were getting into,” he said.

People like that believe running an adult entertainment business is an “easy job and it’s cool, and you get to hang out with pretty girls,” Harrington said.

But that’s not true. “No, this is a business. You’ve got to run it like a Fortune 500 company or it won’t last,” he said.

The Hastings club is open only two days a week. Harrington runs that business along with one of his managers.

“I only go out there on Saturday nights,” he said. “So it frees up a lot of my scheduling time for projects in Omaha.”

According to real estate records, the building at 370 N. Walnut St. is owned by Third City Investments, LLC.

With the secretary of state’s office, Harrington registered his clubs as nonprofit businesses. Together, the venture is known as Midwest Girls Club, based in Hastings.

Asked about crime at the Grand Island business, Harrington said, “We’ve maybe had a handful of incidents.”

Compared to any other bar or nightclub, it’s such a small amount that “we can’t complain,” he said.

Still, there has been more crime at the Grand Island club than “in Hastings or Elm Creek or even Omaha. We’ve actually had more incidents at my Grand Island location than I have in Omaha,” Harrington said.

During the 2017 calendar year, Grand Island police had 13 calls for service to the address and 10 criminal incidents.

Some of those criminal incidents might have occurred at Midwest Girls Club and been reported elsewhere, or vice versa.

Because it’s not a licensed liquor establishment, it’s hard to compare it to other businesses, said Capt. Jim Duering of the Grand Island Police Department.

But compared to most of Grand Island’s licensed liquor establishments, the numbers at Midwest Girls Club are “probably about average,” Duering said.

Visits by Grand Island police have included two criminal mischief calls, one theft, two assaults and two trespassing or removal of person calls. The other calls were for traffic or accidents.

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