When it comes to representing her sport, Emma Greuter gets the ball right over the plate.

In the summer, Greuter plays on the Garrett Tires team in the ABCDD girls recreational softball league. In addition to pitching, she plays first base and outfield for her team, which is in the 19 and under league. Over the last four years, she also played for the Grand Island Senior High softball team.

“Emma was the recipient of two different scholarships this year involving softball,” said Janiece Jones, a co-commissioner of the ABCDD league.

One of the scholarships was given out by Grand Island Public Schools Foundation in conjunction with the league. The applicants each wrote a letter saying how softball has impacted their life.

She also received the Sorensen Family Scholarship, established in memory of the late Bob and Marjorie Sorensen, who founded ABCDD girls softball.

Nobody has ever won both of those scholarships before.

“So that was kind of an unusual thing, and kind of cool that it was Emma,” Jones said.

The Garrett Tires team excels at more than softball.

Every year, the girls softball league has a fundraiser called Pink Week. Proceeds go to the GRACE Foundation.

The Garrett Tires team and Greuter “always goes above and beyond the call of duty,” Jones said.

Softball is Greuter’s favorite sport.

“Probably because I’ve played it the longest,” said the 18-year-old, who took up the sport in first grade.

She likes “the way everyone works together as a team to compete.”

In addition to playing softball, Greuter likes to help a couple of younger teams get better.

“She always has such a positive attitude. She pretty much embodies what our league is all about,” Jones said.

Greuter likes to help younger kids. She has done a lot of babysitting and was part of the Element youth group at Third City Christian Church. She also helped her brothers with Cub Scouts.

Three members of her family help coach the Garrett Tires team — her parents, Lonnie and Candi, and her 20-year-old sister, Abbi. The other coach is Randy Starman.

Greuter is one of eight siblings, who range in age from 10 to 36. She is the youngest girl, and has two younger brothers. Her dad owns GSE Construction. Her mother manages the bus station in Grand Island.

At GISH, Greuter participated in track for three years, throwing the shotput and discus. She was better at the discus. “I was in top eight for our district my junior year,” she said.

In middle school, she played volleyball and basketball.

But she likes softball the most.

Greuter, who stands 5 foot 11, has five pitches in her arsenal. “I can throw a drop, screw, rise, changeup, sweep,” she said.

Greuter’s softball career won’t end this summer. She has another year to go in the recreational league, and she’s going to play softball at Southeast Community College in Beatrice. In addition to a scholarship to play softball, she also received seven other scholarships. Her sister, Abbi, also played softball at Southeast.

At GISH, Greuter played the cello and was part of the women’s choir as well.

With a 3.86 GPA, she was in the top 15 percent of her class.

Her favorite class is math. She also likes science.

“We’re just proud of the young woman she’s grown into, and we think she’s going to go far and do big things,” Candi said.

Besides softball and working with young kids, Greuter job shadows at Live Well Physical Therapy and has a job at Maurice’s in Conestoga Mall.

She describes herself as understanding and energetic.

But for fun, softball is right up there.

What are Greuter’s favorite things to do in the whole world?

“Probably play softball, or eat,” she said.

What does she like to eat?

“I love to eat steak,” she said.

Her dad, Greuter says, makes the best steak in the world.

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