CHAPMAN — Chapman School Principal Jeff Ellsworth and secretary Rhonda Husmann walked quietly to the doors of students’ homes Friday afternoon to place May Day bags on the porches.

Once they rang the door bell, Ellsworth and Husmann moved quickly aside as they waited for each student to answer the door to surprise them with the May Day bag.

“Hi, Happy May Day,” Husmann told one student as she and Ellsworth surprised a student with a visit and the bag.

“You have lots of goodies in there,” Ellsworth told the Chapman student. “Have fun.”

Ellsworth said the May Day bags were given out to all 94 Chapman School preschool through fifth-grade students. He said the students were in Central City, Chapman, Grand Island and St. Libory.

A group of 14 or 15 staff members and teachers split into 12 groups to deliver the bags.

“If there are multiple kids in multiple grade levels in a family, then we just gave that to one person to deliver to that whole family and we made less stops that way,” Ellsworth said.

The May Day bags included candy, animal crackers. a book, a coloring book, and Chapman School memorabilia such as a cup and a pencil.

“The booster club provided the candy and the bags. Then we had some Scholastic books that we put in there,” Ellsworth said. “Everything else, we had around the school already. With us being closed with nobody here, we cannot give anything out for prizes — usually, there are awards and things we have. So we decided to do it this way.”

Ellsworth said that with Chapman School not having in-person school due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is nice for students, teachers and staff to see each other in person.

“We are keeping our social distance and being able to at least see some of the kids is fantastic,” he said. “All of the teachers — myself included — see the kids weekly or biweekly with our Zoom classes. To see them face-to-face is so much better. I think the kids are happy to see us actually in person and not just on a computer screen.”

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