COLUMBUS — Central Community College-Columbus is recognizing 201 2020 graduate candidates.

They will be honored with an online commencement celebration beginning June 2. This is not a live event, but visitors to the college website at will be able to view graduate profiles, hear the graduates’ names being read, sign virtual guestbooks, and watch videos by the CCC president and the three Outstanding Alumni Award winners.

Associate degree candidates who achieved an accumulative grade-point average of 3.75 or higher during their college career graduated with honors. Their names are preceded by an asterisk (*).

Recipients of degrees and diplomas from Central Nebraska are:

Associate of Applied Science Degree

CLARKS: Lucas J. Danklesen and Omar J. Ramirez, business administration

COLUMBUS: Kimberly Azpeitia, Gricelda D. Brabec, Danielle L. Colson, *Stephanie A. Leffers, Ethan R. Paben, Stephanie J. Prochaska, Alec J. Rogers and Diamond D. Warland, business administration; *Shawna R. Booth, business technology; *Amanda M. Abbott, Ana L. Mendoza and Danielle M. Steffensmeier, early childhood education; Lorena Rivas, human services; Carlos D. Chirino Varela, Carlos E. Chirino Varela and Patrick G. Mick, information technology and systems; Javier Alarcon, Devon D. Astuto, Kody D. Carlson, Noah J. Duncan, Edder Hernandez, Tychique M. Kutalu, Cole J. Mitchell, Adam P. Przybylski and Dylan J. Smith, mechatronics; and Michael W. Merrill, quality technology

DUNCAN: Martha P. Sanchez, early childhood education

FULLERTON: Seth T. Bridger, business administration

GENOA: *Sheryl A. Rosno, early childhood education

JUNIATA: Lorraine M. Kort, business technology

KEARNEY: Kyle T. Haarmann, agricultural sciences; Gabrielle A. Baack, business administration; and Jose J. Aguilar and Tycen T. Marten, mechatronics

LOUP CITY: Garret G. Dearmont and Keaten J. Sekutera, agricultural sciences

MONROE: Scott A. Ferris, mechatronics

OSCEOLA: Connor D. Bartling, agricultural sciences; Kylee R. Bockman-Christensen, early childhood education; and Wyatt R. Jensen, welding technology

RICHLAND: Alex J. Trujillo, mechatronics

SCHUYLER: Ulises A. Hernandez-Martinez and Paulo C. Lira, business administration; Kiara J. Gonzalez and Lissette Salgado-Encarnacion, early childhood education; Juan A. Camey, Maria L. Camey and Julisa R. Hernandez, mechatronics; and Nesrudin I. Yusuf, welding technology

SILVER CREEK: Jennifer N. Jarecki, business technology

Associate of Arts Degree

ALBION: Marissa R. Wilson-Hamm

CENTRAL CITY: Dillon D. Purkerson

COLUMBUS: Travis Augustine, Elizabeth Blocher, Denilson G. Diaz, Caleb J. Esch, Sachy Flores, Bennett F. Frewing, Alexis Garcia, Kristin D. Gearhart, Esmeralda C. Hernandez, *Heather L. Holt, Aubrey Houser, Kaitlyn J. Kleinheksel, Rylee M. Kwapnioski, Noah Lemke, Sandra M. Medina, Evan J. Micek, Dakota C. Miller, Olivier Musungay, Cassie R. Navrkal, Marissa M. Nickolite, *Stefanie G. Odbert, *Tristen A. Romero, Emilee L. Rotherham, Trina L. Sky, Alexis N. Sliva, Shawna D. Staack and Zachary L. Weinmeister

DANNEBROG: *Ally L. Phillips

DAVID CITY: *Natasha N. Guico

FULLERTON: Nathaniel J. Syslo

GRAND ISLAND: *Mallory A. Gotschall

GREELEY: Noah J. Nekoliczak

RISING CITY: *Jordan A. Roberts

SCHUYLER: Yareth E. Chavez and Mariana Medina-Santos

SPALDING: Madison E Walkowiak

STROMSBURG: Adrian Elgin

WOOD RIVER: *Audrianna C. Earnest

Associate of Science Degree

COLUMBUS: Michelle S. Bedoya, *Guilherme B. Demhougi, James R. Dush, Nicole F. Ernst, Alejandro Espino, Andres Espino, Sachy Flores, Bennett F. Frewing, Jared M. Gaspers, Cristian Martinez-Moya, Taylor I. Murray, *Stefanie G. Odbert, Natalie E. Rodriguez, Luis I. Tovar-Lemus, Zachary L. Weinmeister and Michaela D. Wiseman

GRAND ISLAND: *Mallory A. Gotschall

HASTINGS: Michael W. Bates

MARQUETTE: Katelynn A. Halstead

ORD: *Jenessa J. Grooms and *Susan M. Vavra

SCHUYLER: Liseth Marino

SHELBY: Valerie M. Pensick

SPALDING: Madison E. Walkowiak

STROMSBURG: Elizabeth V. Ewing

Associate Degree in Nursing

BELGRADE: Justine J. Knopik and Nicole M. Rutten

CEDAR RAPIDS: Paige N. Schilousky

COLUMBUS: Evelyn Adame-Alcantar, Melodee A. Brunken, Codie M. Coon, Karen A. Gomez, Adlinely Harris, Krista M. Moon and *Chelsea A. White

DAVID CITY: *Lois A. Anderson, Joseph A. Hall and Alicia R. Kouba

GENOA: Alexis N. Ramaekers

OSCEOLA: Brooke L. Rogers


AURORA: Jacob A. Gaspari, mechatronics

BELLWOOD: Hailey Phelps, early childhood education

CAIRO: Cody D. Luhn, agricultural sciences

COLUMBUS: Corey L. Rieck, advanced manufacturing design technology; Ryan D. Coffey, agricultural sciences; Macy A. Hamling, Tina M. Hein and Hailey L. Jasper, business administration; COLUMBUS: Jessica L. Bunde and Norma L. Rodriguez, early childhood education; Bryan J. Hefti, information technology and systems; Collin S. Long and Marcos Silva Borges, mechatronics; Amanda J. Bennett and Shania M. Borchers, practical nursing; Robert D. Cemper, quality technology; and Edder Hernandez, welding technology

FULLERTON: Alyssa N. Daw, practical nursing

GENOA: Ashley A. Strain, practical nursing

OSCEOLA: Timothy E. Crane, business administration, and Kayla M. Cordero, practical nursing

SCHUYLER: Ofelia J. Mercado, business administration, and Karen S. Gonzalez, practical nursing

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