HASTINGS — Central Community College-Hastings is recognizing 466 graduate candidates.

They will be honored with an online commencement celebration beginning June 2. This is not a live event, but visitors to the college website at will be able to view graduate profiles, hear the graduates’ names being read, sign virtual guestbooks, and watch videos by the CCC president and the three Outstanding Alumni Award winners.

Degree candidates who achieved an accumulative grade-point average of 3.75 or higher during their college career graduated with honors. Their names are preceded by an asterisk (*).

Recipients of degrees and diplomas from Central Nebraska are:

Associate of Applied Science Degree

ALBION: Mackenzy R. Nelson, drafting and design technology

ALDA: Kyle L. White, hospitality management and culinary arts

AURORA: Brian Schulze, diesel technology

AYR: James L. Mackin, diesel technology

BLADEN: *Victor Geist, information technology and systems;

BLUE HILL: Jacob D. Canterberry and Ethan A. Sharp, electrical technology, and Kendra L. Buss, medical assisting

BRADSHAW: Kenny L. Wright, business administration

BROKEN BOW: Anna C. Kirby, medical laboratory technician

BURWELL: Claire Snyder, dental hygiene

CAIRO: Riley R. Adams and Amy E. Koperski, agricultural sciences, and Jose A. Ramirez, drafting and design technology

CALLAWAY: Cassy J. Coons, agricultural sciences; *Brittany D. Trumbull, human services; and Andrew D. Harrison, information technology and systems;

CENTRAL CITY: *Dallas R. Zimbelman, business administration

CLAY CENTER: Dawson G. Messenger and Jeremiah L. Urbauer, business administration; Garrett M. Clark, drafting and design technology; Joseph A. Ackerman, media arts; and Aundrea L. Cyrus, medical assisting

COLUMBUS: Robert D. Cemper, drafting and design technology

DANNEBROG: Kyle A. Pullen, diesel technology

DONIPHAN: Bradley J. Baasch, construction technology, and Jennifer L. Stevenson, medical assisting

EDDYVILLE: Kevin O. Boteo, construction technology

FAIRFIELD: Emily R. Aldrich, medical laboratory technician

GILTNER: Chris R. Parker, drafting and design technology, and Sydnee P. Craig, media arts

GLENVIL: *Breanna M. Spitz, business technology; Gretchen L. Harwick, dental hygiene; and *Brittnee R. Warburton, drafting and design technology;

GRAND ISLAND: Benjamin T. Benton, Axel U. Cifuentes, Fredy A. Navas Valdez, Osny E. Olivares and Michael T. Smith, advanced manufacturing design technology; Blake G. Kyriss and Thomas J. Schimmer, agricultural sciences; Eduardo Leon Sanchez, auto body technology; Adyn E. Empfield, Medwin Juarez, Daniel I. Montiel Figueroa and Damian A. Ronquillo, automotive technology; Jose Hernandez Jr., construction technology; Joaquin A. Leal, dental assisting; *Kathryn R. Hughes and Rachel M. Stahl, dental hygiene; *Abigail I. Juett, drafting and design technology; Tristin A. Kowalski, electrical technology; Tyler J. Hiatt, Taylor E. Roberts and *Kaitlyn M. Wiley, hospitality management and culinary arts; Micah W. Smith, information technology and systems; *Anisa Jelinek, media arts; and Crystal C. Bell and Dayana Sifontes, medical assisting

GRESHAM: Reggie A. Rafert, agricultural sciences

HAMPTON: Zebediah Montoya, information technology and systems

HARVARD: Tabithia R. Lambert, business technology

HASTINGS: Luke J. Chamberlain and Taylor A. Meyer, advanced manufacturing design technology; Rigoberto D. Perez, advanced manufacturing design technology and auto body technology; *Whitney M. Powell and Braedon Valentine, agricultural sciences; Julio H. Rodriguez, auto body technology; Brandon H. Diaz-Campos and Isaiah E. Lopez, automotive technology; Mikaela K. Bushnell, Austin Cole, Drew A. Dahlheim, Amanda Diaz, Brenda Figueroa, Skylar M. Hall, Anthony G. Market, Aaron M. Martinez, Jenna R. McQuesten and Brenda J. Svoboda, business administration;

Lori D. Olinger and Miranda K. Sadd, business technology; Logan J. Kershner, construction technology; Yolanda N. Martinez and *McKenna L. Schmer, dental assisting; *Morgan R. Schoening, dental hygiene; Teddy J. Campagna II, Chevy L. Davenport, Cameron T. Edwards and *Braden A. Hueftle, diesel technology; Caden J. Curtis and Adam C. Vander Veer, drafting and design technology; Staci L. Hueftle, Rebecca A. Niles, Mireya Rodriguez, *Mirandah S. Scheil and Yadira Torres Alverez, early childhood education; Brock E. Iliff, *Joshua S. Nelson, *Taylor S. Schneider and *Isaac R. Stutesman, electrical technology; Jeremy L. Boutin and Nathan A. Consbruck, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration;

Jason R. Baker, heavy equipment operator technician; *Shaylee N. Brown and Yvette L. Ventura, hospitality management and culinary arts; Lisa M. Bell, Felicia A. Bushhousen and Darci J.R. O’Neel, human services; Alexander J. Aldrich and Benjamin P. Maendele, information technology and systems; Sean Alcorn, Tyler J. Astry, Matilyn L. Kershner, *Mytien H. Thai and Adam T. Waite, media arts; *Nathalie Carranza, Makenna J. Herringer, Sarah L. Nutz and Marggie J. Rodriguez, medical assisting; *Abby L. Anthony and Lexie N. Myers, medical laboratory technician; and Rachel N. Svoboda, welding technology;

HEARTWELL: Willem J. Sikkenga, business administration, and Yessenia Serrano, media arts

JUNIATA: Daniel Romero Ramirez, construction technology; Marcus E. Hamik, drafting and design technology; Cassidy J. Wormstadt, health information management services; *Mikayla L. Havins, information technology and systems; and Jack A. Nelson, *Michael T. O’Callaghan and Alexander A. Sanderson, welding technology

KEARNEY: Jackson C. Cabela, Benjamin R. Dush and Creighton L. Ryan, agricultural sciences; Jac H. Marchand, automotive technology; Zackary A. Weeder, business administration; *Laurel M. Bain and Lucas B. Falk, construction technology; Morgan N. Haldeen and Kelli M. Soucie, dental hygiene; Nathaniel J. Amato and Ross D. Gibbons, diesel technology; Michaela L. Winchell, human services; and Jaron D. Karr, Megan I. Lester and Courtney K. Schroer, medical laboratory technician

KENESAW: Kyle D. Raasch, agricultural sciences; Scott A. Cole and *Alexis L. Fulton, business administration; and *Kimberly A. Spencer, early childhood education

LAWRENCE: Brandon J. Karmazin, business administration

LOUP CITY: McKenzie A. Hostetler, early childhood education

MINDEN: Clayton V. Weaver, construction technology, and Mary R. Cardenas, dental hygiene

NELSON: Katie E. Bower, health information management services, and *Michael R. Dunn, media arts

OVERTON: Drake L. Davenport, diesel technology

PALMER: Mathew J. Bernt and Landon J. Vogel, automotive technology

PHILLIPS: Noah L. Hongsermeier, diesel technology

SHELTON: Daly R. Haller, auto body technology

SILVER CREEK: Reid C. Jones, agricultural sciences

ST. PAUL: Aaron J. Levering, advanced manufacturing design technology and drafting and design technology; Austin M. Bamesberger and Brad M. Einspahr, construction technology; Preston S. Helzer, electrical technology; Erica J. Sokol, hospitality management and culinary arts; Katie L. Racicky, medical laboratory technician; and Braden L. Tubbs, welding technology

SUTTON: Kayla G. Nuss, agricultural sciences

WOOD RIVER: Brendan J. Wynn, advanced manufacturing design technology; *Knox M. Arnett, drafting and design technology; and Samantha J. Jelken-Skaggs, medical assisting

Associate of Arts Degree

BROKEN BOW: Leegha J. Kensell

CLAY CENTER: Brittany S. Godtel

DANNEBROG: Sophia Carlson

GIBBON: Elizabeth M. Snell

HASTINGS: Christian L. Creech, Gregory J. Faber, Bethany K. Gydesen, *Dacey T. Hampton, Miranda L. Harpham, Rachel J. Haynes, Hannah L. Kelly, Tara L. Knehans, Laranda K. Lammers, Christopher T. Mai, Odeth Mendez-Peraza, Julie M. Nakashima-Pedroza, Teresa L. Perez and Jessica M. Schneider

INLAND: Ashleigh S. Hinrichs

JUNIATA: Jonathan T. Kubicka and Alyssa M. Ziemba

LOUP CITY: Carsten J. Carkoski

MINDEN: Jeremiah F. Shurigar

ST. LIBORY: *Cora M. Menke

ST. PAUL: Aleasha E. Potratz

Associate of Science Degree

BLUE HILL: Kaleigh G. Golter

HASTINGS: *Dacey T. Hampton, *Brittany K. Henderson, Ashley M. Hock, Hannah L. Kelly and Laranda K. Lammers

ST. LIBORY: *Cora M. Menke


ALDA: Jose R. Hernandez Rodriguez, construction technology

ARCADIA: Johnathan R. Brown, heavy equipment operator technician

ARCHER: Carl D. Nielson, diesel technology

ASHTON: Ethan M. Goc and Matthew J. Tuma, diesel technology

AURORA: Santiago Garcia, construction technology, and Amos Mosel, diesel technology

AYR: Lane H. Deisley, welding technology

BLUE HILL: Dennis A. Wetherbee, diesel technology, and Anthony J. Bauman, heavy equipment operator technician

BREWSTER: Cory J. Guggenmos, electrical technology

BURWELL: William G. Weber, electrical technology, and Thomas M. Hughes, welding technology

CAIRO: Heath M. Hostetler, agricultural sciences

CENTRAL CITY: Dillon D. Kohl, construction technology

CLAY CENTER: Bailey R. Switzer, diesel technology

COLUMBUS: Francisco Morales, media arts

DONIPHAN: Cory A. Broeker, advanced manufacturing design technology; Kasey J. Van Winkle, agricultural sciences; Daniel Anderson, automotive technology; Kyler B. Kroeger, diesel technology; and Michaela K. Frederick, hospitality management and culinary arts

GIBBON: Kolby E. Shiers, heavy equipment operator technician, and Samuel A. Kucera, welding technology

GLENVIL: Jaekob B. Spitz, advanced manufacturing design technology, and Hunter J. Rempe, hospitality management and culinary arts;

GRAND ISLAND: Zachary J. Hird, Ismar L. Ortiz-Garcia, Samantha C. Ponce Hernandez and Austin J. Schleicher, advanced manufacturing design technology; Kristina M. Brott and Omar Torres, automotive technology; Taylor Hovie, business administration; Maynor J. Ajtum Cucum, Gary D. Hurley, Leighton R. Kier and Dany O. Olivares Jr., construction technology; Nubia F. Argoth, Margarita Y. Lopez Rios and Jacqueline Zarraga Guerrero, dental assisting; Wilmer L. Gonzalez and Gabino Saldivar Gomez, diesel technology; Zachary Rubin, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration; Jay M. Rowley, heavy equipment operator technician; Daniel Anderson, information technology and systems; and Rigoberto Calmo-Bautista, Dylan M. Harris and Veronica Rodriguez, media arts

HAMPTON: Weston L. Ogden, hospitality management and culinary arts

HARVARD: Caleb R. Gaughen, diesel technology, and Jason E. Jensen, information technology and systems

HASTINGS: Adam R. Block, Izaiah J. Moran and Chase G. Paulson, advanced manufacturing design technology; Robert R. Ritz, agricultural sciences; Edgar E. Palacio Jr., auto body technology; Ashley M. Hrouda and Gabriel L. Wallace, automotive technology; Thea E. Aufdenkamp, Jamie D. Bender, John D. Ludemann, Christopher T. Mai, Amber A. Price, Yesenia Sanchez, Danielle M. Stamper, Miranda N. Warner and Eric A. Weber, business administration;

Tara J. McBride, business technology; Krystin M. Aschoff, construction technology; Karen Ramos, dental assisting; Miguel Corral Jr., Michael B. Dahl and Jack W. Samuelson, diesel technology; Courtney C. Kiefer, drafting and design technology; Samuel T. Clark, Jacob D. Uden and Nathan Vaquera, electrical technology; Monica D. Chapa, health information management services;

Josiah A. Bronson, Erich Goldstein, Jacob J. Hoagland and Jared S. Kranau, heavy equipment operator technician; Ezekiel S. Gollner, Adriawnna L. Hunt and Shane T. Schultz, hospitality management and culinary arts; Brenda A. McVey, human services; Ian E. McBride, Peyton P. Middleton, Jesus A. Saenzpardo and Neal R. Sheppard, information technology and systems; Elizabeth MacIas-Villegas, media arts; and Alex A. Robles and Gabriel Sanchez Jr., welding technology

HEARTWELL: Nicholas D. Fries, automotive technology

HENDERSON: Victoria S. Frogge, hospitality management and culinary arts

JUNIATA: Logan R. Nordby, construction technology, and Nolan W. Erickson, heavy equipment operator technician

KEARNEY: Bryan O. Fahnholz, advanced manufacturing design technology; Brock A. Mallam, agricultural sciences; Austin L. Bell, automotive technology; Cameron C. Claussen, construction technology; Ariel M. Gomez and Annabelle G. Underwood, dental assisting; Jonathan D. Robertson, Dawson J. Tremel and Brett W. Zinnel, diesel technology; Ryan A. Streit, information technology and systems; Allison N. Smiley and Jonathan R. Winkelmann, media arts; and Lane D. Ahrens, welding technology

KENESAW: Walker D. Rathke, diesel technology

LAWRENCE: Kaden M. Thompson, diesel technology

MINDEN: Thomas R. Peterson, advanced manufacturing design technology, and Gonzalo S. Ornelas-Calderon, heavy equipment operator technician

OCONTO: Mikayla C. Dittmar, dental assisting

RED CLOUD: Hannah M. Vance, dental assisting, and Kylie Stoner, early childhood education

ST. PAUL: Christian M. Eacker, automotive technology; Tyler J. Moslander, heavy equipment operator technician; and Trevor L. Bruhn, media arts;

STROMSBURG: Kateland C. Nyberg, dental assisting

YORK: Theodore A. Snider, business administration

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