Results for June were:

Tuesday, June 4 — North-South, first, Steven Millnitz, Jerry Kenyon; second, Eldon Ervin, Robert Kutilek; third, Jackie Maynard, Phil Maynard. East-West, first, Donna Lombardini, Jade Barrett; second, Catherine Kutilek, Elsie Roemmich; third, Regina Olsen, Pamela Millnitz.

Thursday, June 6 — North-South, first, Patricia Vogel, Eldon Ervin; second, Robert Kutilek, Sonya Collins; third, Mona Dubas, Regina Olsen. East-West, first, Pamela Millnitz, Steven Millnitz; second, Martha Jane Kittridge, Marilyn Lindner-Bombeck; third, Jerry Larson, Linda Larson.

Tuesday, June 11 — North-South, first, Jerry Kenyon, Myrna Sullivan; second, Diane Kenyon, Patricia Knust; third, Kathy Ritterbush, Jack Rasmussen. East-West, first, Charles Fox, Regina Olsen; second, Steven Millnitz, Robert Fickes; third, Mary Fox, Eldon Ervin.

Thursday, June 13 — North-South, first, Steven Millnitz, Robert Fickes; second, Eldon Ervin, Patricia Knust; third, Jerry Kenyon, Thomas Beswick. East-West, first, Patricia Grudzinski, Myrna Sullivan; second, Martha Jane Kittridge, Elsie Roemmich; third, Stacia Larson, Marilyn Lindner-Bombeck.

Tuesday, June 18 — North-South, first, Thomas Beswick, Robert Fickes; second, Pamela Millnitz, Linda McConnell; third, Steven Millnitz, Jerry Kenyon. East-West, first, Patricia Grudzinski, Patricia Knust; second, Jackie Maynard, Phil Maynard; third, Diane Kenyon, Patricia Vogel.

Thursday, June 20 — North-South, first, Thomas Beswick, Jerry Kenyon; second, Elsie Roemmich, Roger Roemmich; third, Robert Kutilek, Eldon Ervin. East-West, first, Charles Fox, Myrna Sullivan; second, Gayle Hogeland, Sonya Collins; third, Bonnie Arnold, Catherine Kutilek.

Tuesday, June 25 — North-South, first, Diane Kenyon, Myrna Sullivan; second, Thomas Beswick, Patricia Grudzinski; third, Patricia Rice, Marilyn Lindner-Bombeck. East-West, first, Patricia Knust, Linda McConnell; second, Eldon Ervin, Robert Kutilek; third, Patricia Vogel, Elsie Roemmich.

Thursday, June 27 — North-South, first, Charles Fox, Mona Dubas; second, Myrna Sullivan, Stacia Larson; tied for third, Patricia Knust, Patricia Vogel and Jerry Kenyon, Eldon Ervin. East-West, first, Robert Kutilek, Regina Olsen; second, Catherine Kutilek, Gayle Hogeland; third, Mary Fox, Sonya Collins.

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