DONIPHAN — Marilyn Retzlaff hosted a salad luncheon July 26 at her home in Doniphan to observe 60 years since the Palmerette Club was organized.

In January 1958, Verna Schwarz hosted the organizational meeting at her home in Palmer. The club met monthly for many years. Although there are longer regular meeting, occasional gatherings are organized.

Members talked about all the things they had done including: entering floats in Palmer’s Fall Festival Parade and winning, singing at different events — even an amateur contest and winning, the civic and humanitarian projects, crafts that were made and events with their kids when they were small. At one time the number of children that members had was 47. The next project is to count the grandchildren.

Members attending were: Betty Killion of Kearney; Carolyn David, Verna Schwarz, Carolyn Retzlaff and Darlene Meyer, all of Grand Island; Karen Killion and La Vonne Rudolf, both of St. Paul; Maxine Davis, Darlene Gee and Donna Kucera, all of Palmer; and Retzlaff of Doniphan. Diana Sandoval of Palmer attended as a guest.

During the afternoon, members received a phone call from former member Jan Fitzpatrich of Ohio. It is said, “You can’t make old friends.”