Mary Hunt

Today readers are sharing their best tips to keep ourselves organized.

BUTTON READY. When I buy a garment that has extra buttons attached in a little bag, I sew them to an inside seam allowance of the garment.

Then they are always with the garment, and there’s no hunting for them when you need to replace a lost button.

— Virginia

GARAGE SALE PREP. I have several boxes set up in the garage for our annual community garage sale. They are labeled: Toys, Clothes, Housewares and Misc.

I keep a package of price stickers and a pen handy. Every time I put one thing into a sale box, I price it. Then on the sale day, I simply open the boxes and set things out for display.

— Leonora

RIBBON CADDY. Use multitiered pants hangers to store rolls of ribbon and other kinds of craft supplies that come on spools.

With a single glance, you can see your entire collection. Hang this caddy in a closet and it will cut down on the clutter, too.

— Candace

BREAD TABS. Save those little plastic bread tabs to use as labels for various power cords, especially the ones in remote places like behind the entertainment center.

Use a permanent marker to write “Printer,” “DVD” etc., on the tab, and it’s ready to slip onto the cord.

— Tom

TOY CORRAL. I have two small boys who love toy cars and marbles. These things inevitably end up under the couch, so I put a pool noodle under the couch. It sits under the skirt, so it isn’t visible, but it buffers the perimeter so toys don’t get lost underneath the furniture.

— Paige

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