A Georgia couple has been arrested following a domestic dispute in which the woman allegedly tried to hit the man with a semi truck.

According to the Grand Island Police Department’s media report, Deron Malone, 43, and Tania Peter, 39, got into a dispute at the Bosselman Truck Stop at 2024 E. Highway 30 shortly before 10:30 a.m. Thursday. After getting into a verbal altercation, Peter allegedly got into the driver’s seat of the semi truck and drove it forward while Malone was standing in front of it.

“The semi sensors prohibited Tania (Peter) from moving the semi forward to strike him,” the media report said.

Since Peter was unable to strike Malone, he then allegedly opened the driver’s door and removed her by her hair, pulling two long hair extensions from her head.

Peter was arrested for attempted second-degree assault, while Malone was arrested for third-degree domestic assault.

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