The Grand Island police officer who fatally shot a man with a knife Wednesday night was a 17-year veteran of the Grand Island Police Department.

The officer shot the suspect after he was assaulted with a knife, according to Grand Island police.

The suspect was a 29-year-old Hispanic male from Grand Island. “The officer responded with lethal force, shooting the male suspect who was transported by ambulance and later pronounced dead,” says a GIPD news release.

The Grand Island police officer, who received knife wounds, remains hospitalized. It does not appear the injuries are life-threatening, police say.

“This is a very difficult situation for everyone involved,” the release says.

No names have been released.

Although the address hasn’t officially been released, it’s likely that the shooting occurred at 1520 St. Paul Road.

Police visited that address at 8:13 p.m. and at 9:02 p.m. On the second visit, the officer was assaulted with the knife.

The first visit was in reference to a disturbance. On that visit, police “didn’t find anyone and left,” said Police Capt. Jim Duering. On the second visit, police were assisted by the Hall County Sheriff’s Department.

Duering would not specify how many shots were fired.

“This is an ongoing investigation,” the news release says. “We have turned the investigation over to agencies involved in the South Central Area Law Enforcement Services (SCALES) agreement for a thorough and independent investigation.”

The lead agency in the SCALES investigation is the Hall County Attorney’s Office.

“In order to protect the sanctity of the investigation, the officers involved, and the family of the deceased, further information will not be released by the Grand Island Police Department during the ongoing investigation,” says a news release. “Our next step as an agency, we will continue to support our officers and work with our community as we continue through this difficult situation.”

On Wednesday night, “The Sheriff’s Department played a big role in helping us cover calls for service and helping out on the scene until we could get SCALES there. So that was absolutely beneficial,” Duering said.

Under Nebraska law, a grand jury is called whenever someone dies in the custody of law enforcement.


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