A scam artist, pretending to be an employee of Bosselman Enterprises, sent an email to a real Bosselman employee, asking that he or she deposit money into an account.

For a while, the company was out $3,013.71, but Grand Island police say the money has been recovered.

The criminal hacked into the company’s email system, purporting to be a fellow employee. To the genuine employee, it appeared to be a request from a fellow employee for a direct deposit.

“They did recover the money. They caught onto it pretty quick. So kudos to them,” said Police Capt. Jim Duering. “They have enough safeguards that they figured it out before the money was long gone.”

Police will see if the scheme fits into anything else officers are working on.

Duering remembers a similar scam, involving a different company, that took place last year.


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