A flight to avoid arrest early Wednesday morning ended with a  man wrecking his car and leaving it abandoned in a yard.

As of early Wednesday evening, the driver had not been taken into custody.

At about 3 a.m. Wednesday, a police officer observed a white 2001 GMC Denali driving faster than the speed limit near North Front and Sherman Avenue. As the officer attempted to catch up to the vehicle to make a traffic stop, the Denali took several quick turns without using a turning signal.

The Denali was located as it spun out on ice near the intersection of Sixth and Jefferson streets. According to the police media report, the Denali left the roadway and went into several yards.

At that point, an officer activated his emergency overhead lights and the Denali drove around patrol vehicles and accelerated eastbound on Sixth Street.

The Denali failed to stop for the stop sign at Lincoln Avenue. It was later found abandoned.

“I think he clipped a garage and then buried it in a snowdrift,” said Grand Island Police Capt. Jim Duering.

A glass methamphetamine pipe along with suspected meth were located inside the vehicle.

After trying to initiate the traffic stop, police did not chase the suspect when it became evident he was fleeing. But they stayed aware of his general location.

Out of concern for public safety, if a driver flees after a traffic violation, police won’t pursue him, Duering said.

As the driver pulled away, the officer terminated his pursuit “but just called out his direction of travel” to other officers, Duering said.

Another officer spotted the fast-moving vehicle a couple of blocks over. Another officer saw the car “spin out down the road,” he said.

The suspect “definitely knew we were trying to stop him and was fleeing,” but it was not a pursuit, Duering said

With the roads being “what they were and his lack of control over the vehicle,” it didn’t take police long to find the abandoned vehicle, Duering said.


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