Merrick Medical Center

Roy Dinsdale sits next to Merrick Medical Center doctors Dr. Brian Buhlke, Dr. Nathan Krug and Dr. Traci Dieckmann in front of the sign announcing the new hospital location.

CENTRAL CITY — The Merrick Medical Center can finally start planning the move to its new home since the Dinsdale family donated 22.5 acres of land for the new hospital.

The Merrick Medical Center held an “Our Future Home” celebration on Monday at the corner of 15th Road and 28th Street in Central City where the new hospital will be built. The celebration was attended by the Dinsdale family and several hospital employees.

The Merrick Medical Center started a campaign in October 2018 for a new $20 million, 42,000-square-foot facility to “create a healthy environment that improves the patient experience and efficiency for staff, and ensures a sustainable facility inspired by its natural surroundings.”

Sam Krug, president of the Merrick Medical Center Foundation, thanked the family and said it was an exciting donation for the medical center and the Dinsdale family. Roy Dinsdale said the Dinsdale family is excited to help the community with a worthwhile project.

The sign announcing the new location was unveiled by three employees from the Merrick Medical Center: Dr. Brian Buhlke, Dr. Nathan Krug and Dr. Traci Dieckmann.

Kendra Jefferson, marketing and public relations specialist for Merrick Medical Center, said the campaign for the new location has been ongoing since July 2017. The campaign first started when the Merrick Medical Center became a part of Bryan Health, but was officially launched in October of 2018.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Jefferson said.

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