Details for Request for Proposals for Lead-Based Paint Specialized Services The City

Request for Proposals for Lead-Based Paint Specialized Services The City of Wood River, Nebraska, is seeking professional, technical services for Lead-Based Paint Inspection, Risk Assessments and Clearance Testing (hereinafter referred to as LBP Specialized Services) in conjunction with a NAHTF grant. The City has been awarded $500,000 by the Department of Economic Development to undertake owner occupied and single family rental rehabilitation through the Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Fund - Disaster Recovery program. These awarded grant funds are to provide owner-occupied housing rehabilitation assistance for approximately ten (10) homes in the City of Wood River and assistance to approximately three (3) single family rental units. This request is for an Expression of Interest and Statement of Qualifications for firms interested in performing LBP Specialized Services for pre-1978 homes benefiting from this NAHTF funds award. It is estimated that approximately thirteen (13) housing units may require LBP Specialized Services The selected consultant will be required to assist the City of Wood River with the following: w Performing Lead-Based Paint Inspections on pre-1978 homes; w Performing Lead-Based Paint Risk Assessments as indicated by the inspections; w Performing Clearance Testing; and w Working cooperatively with homeowners and the housing administrator to ensure compliance with HUD's Lead-Based Paint Regulations. The selection of a specialist will be made according to the following evaluation criteria: 1. Technical expertise of the firm in connection with the type of services to be provided and the complexity of the project. (25 points) 2. Past record of performance on contracts with other clients including quality of work, timeliness and cost control. (25 points) 3. Capacity of the firm to perform the work within the time limitations, taking into consideration the current and planned workload of the firm. (20 points) 4. Familiarity of the firm with the types of problems applicable to the project and NAHTF Grant Guidelines. (20 points) 5. Cost of the services to be provided. (10 points) Elaborate artwork or expensive visuals and other presentations aids are neither necessary nor encouraged. On October 29, the Wood River Vision 2020 will review submitted proposals. Recommendation(s) will be presented to the City Council for consideration at the regular November 5, 2019 City Council meeting. The top qualified firm may be required to meet with the City for the purpose of contract negotiations for a fixed price or not to exceed contract. Percentages of cost contracts are not allowed. The request does not commit the City of Wood River to pay any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of your Expression of Interest and Statement of Qualification or to contract for any services. The City has the right to refuse any and/or all proposals. Selection should be considered preliminary and not final. The award is subject to the City's receipt of a release of funds from the Department of Economic Development. The City of Wood River is an equal opportunity employer and requires compliance by its contractors and consultants with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations. If you have any questions concerning this request, please contact Greg Cramer, Mayor, at 308.583.2066. Seven (7) copies of your Expression of Interest and Statement of Qualifications must be received 3:00 pm, Friday, October 25th, 2019. Send or deliver to: Greg Cramer, Mayor, City of Wood River, 108 W. 10th, PO Box 8, Wood River, NE 68883. Please mark the outside of your envelope NAHTF LBP SERVICES PROVIDER. Greg Cramer, Mayor 8