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MYERS LAW OFFICE, P.C. P.O BOX 505, 415 S. High Street Cairo, NE 68824 NOTICE OF ORGANIZATION Notice is hereby given that KsJ Nutrition L.L.C., a Nebraska Limited Liability Company, has been organized under the laws of the State of Nebraska. The company's initial agent for service of process is Denise D. Myers and the registered agent's office is 415 S High Street, PO Box 505, Cairo, Nebraska 68824. The company's designated office is located at 2219 Riverview Drive, Grand Island, Nebraska 68801. The company is organized to engage in any and all lawful business for which a limited liability company may be organized under the laws of Nebraska. The company was organized and commenced on May 11, 2020, and its duration is perpetual. Its affairs shall be conducted by a Manager who shall be elected by the members annually pursuant to an Operating Agreement duly adopted by the Company. KsJ Nutrition, L.L.C. A Nebraska Limited Liability Company By: Denise D. Myers, #20500 Myers Law Office, P.C., Its Attorneys 15-22-29