CERTIFICATE OF ORGANIZATION OF RJR Special Hauling LLC ARTICLE I NAME The name of the limited liability company is RJR Specialty Hauling LLC (the "Company"). ARTICLE II DURATION The Company shall have a perpetual existence. ARTICLE III Purpose and Powers 3.1 Purposes. The purpose for which this Company is organized is to engage in any lawful act or activities for which companies may be organized under the Nebraska Uniform Limited Liability Company Act, Neb. Rev. Stat. 21-101 et.seq. (the "Act"), or the laws of any jurisdiction in which the Company may do business. 3.2 Powers. The Company shall have and exercise all powers and rights conferred upon a limited liability company by the Act, and any enlargement of suck powers conferred by subsequent legislative acts. The Company shall also have and exercise all powers and rights, not otherwise denied limited liability companies by the laws of the State of Nebraska as are necessary, suitable, proper, or convenient to the attainment of its purposes. ARTICLE IV Designated Office The street and mailing address of the initial designated office of the Company is: 2105 W. Louise St Grand Island, NE 68803 ARTICLE V Registered Agent The name and street and mailing address of the initial registered agent of the company is: Roger Kipper Jr. 2105 W Louise St Grand Island, NE 68803 ARTICLE VI Amendments This Certificate of Organization shall be amended as the Act requires. In all other circumstances, this Certificate may be amended only upon the affirmative vote of a majority in interest of the Members of the Company. ARTICLE VII Operating Agreement The initial Operating Agreement shall be adopted by the Members, thereafter, the Operating Agreement, unless otherwise provided under the Act, may be adopted, amended, restated or repealed as provided in the Operating Agreement. The undersigned, being all of the members of the Company, hereby adopt and sign the foregoing Certificate of Organization for the purposes of forming the Company under the Act. Dated this 28 day of November, 2018 ORGANIZER: /s/ Robert Kipper 5-12-19